M1200 Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine

M1200 Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine

Safety Features & Portability in a Basic Floor Stand Model

The M1200 has the core features you want in a rebreathing anesthesia machine, plus additional safety features usually offered only in more expensive models. The M1200 is economical to purchase and operate and is ideal for smaller patients and quick procedures.

Note: Shown with optional Isoflurane Vaporizer & E-Tank

Product Information

• Proven unidirectional valve design
• Quick disconnect common outlet
• 0-4 Lpm O2 flowmeter with mechanical stop flow control
• Oxygen flush with safety restrictor
• Dual O2 supply ready with check valves
• 5 Leg base with large 3" shielded caster

• Built specifically for veterinary use
• Industry-best 10-Year Warranty

Expand the M1200’s capacity with these options:
E-tank manifold
Breathing Circuits
Waste Anesthetic Gas Management