M4000 Table Top, Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine Our Best-Selling Table Top Model

M4000 Small, but mighty, the M4000 is our most compact rebreathing anesthesia machine. It is the perfect solution for table top or wet table locations where floor space is minimal. For mobile applications, it can also be mounted to a cart. M4000 package includes:
  • Proven unidirectional valve design
  • Quick disconnect common gas outlet
  • 0-4 Lpm O2 flowmeter with mechanical stop flow control
  • Oxygen flush with safety restrictor
  • Dual O2 supply ready with check valves
  • Quick-change “One Seal” canister

Built specifically for veterinary use

Industry-best 10-Year Warranty

Expand the M4000’s capacity with these options:
  • Vaporizers
  • Anti-Spil
  • Breathing and Non-Rebreathing Circuits
  • Waste Gas Interface
  • Pop-Off Valve

Safety Pop Off Valve Safety Pop-Off Valve

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