Pureline Oxygen Concentrators

Supera Anesthesia Innovations is proud to present a revolutionary new line of oxygen concentrator technologies for veterinary anesthesia here in the U.S. for the first time. While similar machines have been in use in Europe for years, Supera has perfected the technology, added safety features, and now is making this money-saving equipment available here. The built-in E-tank manifold on the Pureline® M6000, OC6000 and OC6200 models allows mobile use of the machine without power.


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Why Supera?

From the beginning, LEI Medical has been a leader in designing and building veterinary anesthesia equipment that is safe for patients, easy to operate, and extremely reliable.

The new products that we have developed—as well as new technologies under development—are so advanced, yet so simple to operate, that we believe they will change the way anesthesia is delivered. This level of change called for a new beginning—and a new name.

Supera Anesthesia Innovations will bring you superior anesthesia solutions. Our new name is a way of demonstrating our commitment to always bringing you the very best in made-in-the-USA equipment, backed by the very best in service.

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