EVC3100 Waste Gas Evacuation Pump and Liquid Aspiration System

EVC3100 Waste Gas Evacuation Pump and Liquid Aspiration System

Keep your facility waste gas-free, and keep yourself, your staff, and your animal subjects safe with this completely OSHA-compliant unit. Even better, the EVC3100 removes waste gas and handles liquid aspiration in a single convenient, compact machine. Manufactured with the highest quality American-made pump, the EVC3100 is built to work with industry-standard WAGD wall or ceiling outlets and designed to provide you with years of trouble-free service.

Product Information

• Sealed evacuation pump unit
• Evacuation and medical suction in one device
• Built-in circuit breaker
• Hour meter
• Stainless-steel enclosure
• Permanent mounting brackets
5-Year or 5,000 hour Warranty

Unit Capacity
Handles from 1 to 20 anesthesia machines in any of these configurations:
• 5 anesthesia and 2 liquid-aspiration outlets
• 10 anesthesia and 1 liquid-aspiration outlets
• 20 anesthesia locations using standard WAGD wall outlets

Inlet & Outlet
• ¼-in. NPT male pipe thread

• Voltage: 115 Hz: 50/60 Full Load Amps: 4.0

Sound Level
• Less than 70db(A)

Compliance & Certifications
• UL Recognized US and Canada (E47479)
• Certified to UL-507 standards from TÜV-SÜD America Inc.
• Certified for US and Canada