EVC555 F-AIR Charcoal Canister Kit

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The F/air canister uses activated charcoal to trap halogenated waste gas from the anesthesia machine, preventing the waste gases from entering the environment. Activated charcoal canisters are ideal for portable machines and facilities without an active scavenger system. Supera Anesthesia Innovations can pre-drill any of our anesthesia machines to accommodate the F/air canister bracket.

F/air Canister Features:

  • Will adsorb up to 50 grams of waste anesthetic gas
  • Small footprint
  • Mounting Bracket available (EVC556)

EVC555 F/Air Canister Kit includes:

  • F/air canister
  • Canister bracket
  • 22mm x 19mm adapter
  • 4 ft. of 19mm blue tubing
  • Mounting hardware