Pureline® M8000 Rebreathing Mobile Anesthesia Machine

The Pureline® M8000 extracts medical-grade oxygen from the air and delivers it on demand. With the savings in oxygen tank refills or tank management, the M8000 pays for itself in as little as one year. No larger than standard anesthesia equipment, it comes complete and ready to operate. The M8000 is quiet, elegantly simple to operate, and requires almost no maintenance. Supera has perfected the technology, added important safety features, and is making this money-saving equipment available to you.

Note: Shown with optional Isoflurane vaporizer

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The Pureline® M8000 Delivers Savings for Vets, Safety for Pets

  • Extracts medical-grade O2 from the air and delivers it on demand—no need for ongoing oxygen deliveries, refills, and management
  • Designed and built specifically for veterinary use, its safer for your patients
  • UL tested
  • Energy efficient; About $0.10 per hour of use in electricity cost
  • Audible and illuminated safety alerts
  • Backup oxygen supply (standard E tank)
  • Fully integrated O2 flush with industry standard 30 lpm maximum flow
  • Accepts all types of vaporizers
  • 0-8 l/pm precision flow meter
  • 20 X 22” footprint saves space
  • No tanks, hoses, regulators to buy, store, or replace
  • Easy on/off; controls are large and easily accessible
  • Low center of gravity for extreme stability
  • Adult, pediatric, and non-rebreathing circuits included
  • Heavy-duty rebreathing bags included
  • Quiet 47-dBA operation
  • Simple, durable, maintenance-free valves
  • Made in the USA, state-of-the-art manufacturing with ISO quality and TUV SUV safety certifications
  • Constructed of the highest quality materials—premium-grade stainless steel, industrial high-impact plastic, silicon gaskets
  • Dimensions 20″ x 23″ x 46″

Electrical power supply:Rating: 115/230V 60Hz, Average Power: 400W(avg), Protection Class: Class II, Mains Protection: 7A

Can I use it with my existing anesthesia equipment?
Yes. The Pureline M8000 works with all types of vaporizers and anesthesia machines.

There is some “Misinformation” out there!
“You must have a 50 psi oxygen supply to run an anesthesia machine”
False! – The maximum pressure a vaporizer can have is 2 psi.  psi has very little to do with flow rate.
Truth – 1 psi is equal to 70.3 cmH20 – when was the last time you operated an anesthesia machine above that?  Our concentrators have seven times the pressure needed to operate the anesthesia machine.
Truth – 50 psi is the industry standard for human hospital medical gas oxygen systems.
Truth – Ventilators require 40-50 psi of air pressure to operate.  We offer our VT3100 drive gas pump for this purpose.  Why would you use expensive oxygen to drive your ventilator?  The drive gas never mixes with the oxygen being supplied to the patient.

How does Pureline’s oxygen concentrator work?
The Pureline M8000 draws in room air through a filter. A compressor sends the filtered air to a solenoid valve, which moves it into one cylinder of Pureline’s two-cylinder design. This two-cylinder design ensures a constant supply of USP 93% oxygen; while one side is being used, the other side is being replenished. Under pressure inside the cylinder, the molecular sieve material attracts and holds the nitrogen from the room air (21% O2). The enriched oxygen is directed to the pressure regulator, a final filter, and finally out to the anesthesia machine. Remember, while one cylinder is in use, the other is refilling with enriched oxygen ensuring you a constant, reliable supply of oxygen.

If this is so good why haven’t we had it already?
Veterinary anesthesia machines with oxygen concentrators have been in use in Europe for years, but have not been used in the United States due to the prohibitive cost of the concentrator. Recent developments have brought down the cost of oxygen concentrators and made them extremely cost effective. In addition to the lower cost, Supera Anesthesia Innovations has added safety features that European models don’t have, perfected the design for use with anesthesia machines, making it easier to use and utterly reliable..

What safety features does Pureline® have?
Pureline is UL tested. It is made of the highest-quality materials and is built in the USA to the highest ISO quality standards and certified by TÜV SÜD America. TÜV SÜD America is a globally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization. The Pureline machine itself features both audible and illuminated safety alerts and has an emergency backup oxygen supply (standard E tank).

What sort of savings can I expect?
With the Pureline M8000, you get your medical-grade oxygen for free (electricity cost is abount $0.50 per 6 hours), on demand. By eliminating tank rental, refills, and tank management, Pureline enables you to save all that cost year over year. In fact, it could pay for itself in as little as one year.

Where is it made? Why should I care?
The Pureline M8000 and all Supera products are Made In The USA in our Oregon manufacturing facility. Our plant and products are fully certified for quality and safety. You can count on Supera’s simplicity to make your job easier and our made-in-the-USA quality to give you many years of reliable service. All Supera anesthesia machines are backed by our 10-Year Warranty. All Pureline concentrators have a 3-year warranty.

  • MA2013 Universal Control Arm
  • The coarse cabinet filter should be cleaned as needed in your environment. Order P/N OC8000-1. Call 1-877-620-1500 for replacement filters.
  • Change fine intake filters during yearly anesthesia service call or every 2 years. Order P/N OC8000-2. Call 1-877-620-1500 for replacement filters.
  • Vaporizers
  • Breathing Circuits
  • Waste Anesthetic Gas Management
  • Product Brochure
  • Operator Manual
  • Parts Diagram

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