Supera, LLC is proud to offer our customers the best warranty in the veterinary industry — a full ten years.

  • Supera Anesthesia Innovations Limited Warranty

    Supera Anesthesia Innovations, LLC guarantees its products to be free of defects in design, materials, and workmanship for a full ten years from the date of purchase

    Supera, LLC (dba Supera Anesthesia Innovations) guarantees its anesthesia machines to be free of defects in design, materials, and workmanship for a full ten years from the date of purchase.

    The Supera, LLC Limited Warranty covers parts and construction of all products manufactured by Supera LLC in its USA manufacturing facility. If we find that a Supera machine does not operate as stated in the instructions and specifications that come with the product due to defects in design, materials, or workmanship, Supera will repair the unit or replace it with one of equal or greater value at no charge to the customer for up to ten years from the date of purchase.

  • Specific Exclusions from this Warranty

    The Supera, LLC Limited Warranty does not cover and shall not be liable for—the following: (1) repairs and replacements required because of misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, accident, freight damage, or tampering; (2) products that are not installed, used, and properly cleaned as required in the Supera, LLC written “Installation” and/or “Installation/Operation” manual applicable for the product; (3) products considered to be of a consumable nature such as rubber or plastic goods (4) accessories or parts not manufactured by Supera, LLC; (5) specially manufactured products; (6) damage caused by animals; (7) charges by anyone (including Supera, LLC authorized dealers) for adjustments, repairs, replacement parts, installation, or other work performed upon or in connection with such products which is not expressly authorized in writing in advance by Supera, LLC; (8) products manufactured by other companies and resold by Supera, LLC. This includes vaporizers and medical gas products. Any warranties on these items are extended directly by the manufacturer of these items to the original purchaser. Information on these manufacturer’s warranties will be enclosed with the applicable products. In addition, Supera , LLC will furnish copies of any of the warranties extended by any such manufacturers upon request.

  • For Warranty Service

    Please contact Supera Anesthesia Innovations Customer Service at (877) 620-1500 or +1 503 723 5068 (for local and International calls) or email us at info@superavet.com.

    One of our customer service representatives will be able to answer your questions and provide information on having your machine serviced under warranty by an authorized Supera, LLC technician or by returning the unit to Supera, LLC for warranty service.

    Please contact Supera, LLC for an authorized service technicians in your area.

  • Service FAQs

    We may be able to answer your questions right here online. Please check Tech Support & Training.

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